Amor, vida de mi vida

Amor, vida de mi vida (Love, life of my life) is a an aria (romanza) for tenor from the zarzuela Maravilla composed by Federico Moreno Torroba to a libretto by Luís Fernández Ardavín.[1] It premiered in Madrid in 1941, where the aria was sung by the tenor, Luis Sagi-Vela. It is one of the most famous arias in the Spanish language and was included in the repertoire of The Three Tenors (sung by Plácido Domingo)
The aria expresses the heartache of Rafael, a talented but unlucky singer, in love with Elvira. However, Elvira is in a relationship with Faustino, who is the theatrical producer of her mother, Maravilla, an opera diva who will be Rafael's
partner in her next performance.