Edward Potthast - Beach Scene
Frank Weston Benson - Summer Day 1911
Les Drapeaux Jean Pierre Cassigneul
The Return of the Fishing Boat”, c.1885.whislter
The Brunswick Caught Anchors With Her Enemy, 1893
Storm, 1914, Aleksey Vasilevich Ganzen (Russian, 1876-1937).

Henri Le Sidaner “Tavolino all’imbrunire”, (1921)
Hugo Robus (American, 1885-1964), Untitled (Railroad Bridge over the Hudson River).

 John Bellany (Scottish, 1942-2013), Fishing boat on the shore
Litzlberg am Attersee (ca. 1914-15) - Gustav Klimt
Randall David Tipton Seascape
Otto Modersohn - Summer Landscape with Girl and Boat